Free 2-day shipping | 30-day money back guarantee
Free 2-day shipping | 30-day money back guarantee

eero built-in

eero is now built into the Echo Dot (5th Gen).

Extend your wifi coverage in your favorite room. Available Fall 2022.

eero Pro 6
eero systems are also available on

Get the most out of your wifi with a fast, reliable network.

Easily set up in minutes.

Whether you need a single router or whole-home system, eero works with your existing internet connection and is ready to set up right out of the box.

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Fast speeds to match your needs.

Every eero is designed with one speed in mind: fast. From streaming to video conferencing, we’ve got you covered with a network that doesn’t slow you down.

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Connectivity you can count on.

Say goodbye to dead spots, buffering, and dropped calls. Get a consistently strong signal throughout your home so you can stream, game, and work with confidence.

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Cover your whole home with mesh.

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. Shouldn’t your wifi too? eero’s mesh technology uses multiple wifi devices to blanket your whole home in coverage. With the right system for your home, you can work, stream, game, and chat—without missing a beat.

How it works
Whatever your wifi needs, there’s an eero for that.

eero Pro 6E

Our most advanced wifi system ever.

Ideal for VR/AR, 8K, and Wi-Fi 6E devices.

Starting at $179

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eero 6+

Gigabit speeds. For Less.

Ideal for smart home connectivity.

Starting at $90

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eero 6

Fast, reliable
Wi-Fi 6.

Ideal for streaming, gaming, and working.

Starting at $75

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Stay online with peace of mind.

You’re in control with the eero app.

Manage wifi for everyone at home right from the eero app. Ongoing updates bring you the latest eero features while also helping to keep your network safe and secure.
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Free support when you need it.

Our team is just a phone call, email, or tweet away.

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Some features require linking your Amazon account, and downloading the Alexa application or using a compatible Alexa device. Internet connection speeds and availability depend on your internet service provider; if your internet service provider does not provide you with the maximum supported speed, you will not experience that maximum speed. Maximum network speeds, if applicable, reflect combined supported speeds across wired and wireless clients. Maximum wireless signal rates are derived from IEEE 802.11 standard. Specifications assume wired Ethernet connection; your experienced speed may vary when connected to an eero device that is configured as a wireless extender. Coverage estimates are based on normal use conditions. Actual range and performance can vary, and maximum supported speeds may not be available to all customers, due to factors such as network configuration, interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials, and obstructions. For eero 6+ and eero Pro 6E, specifications are based on use of a Wi-Fi 6 (or for eero Pro 6E in Canada, Wi-Fi 6E) or later generation client device that supports 160 MHz. For eero 6, eero 6 extender, and eero Pro 6, specifications are based on use of a Wi-Fi 6 or later client device. For eero, eero Beacon, and eero Pro, specifications are based on use of a Wi-Fi 5 or later client device. For more information about eero performance, visit