Elevating life
at home.

At eero we believe the foundation of home technology has been broken for far too long. After years of slowly waving laptops around in hopes of a better signal, we couldn’t take it anymore. So in 2014, we assembled a team of the brightest engineers and designers with a singular goal: make WiFi so great it disappears. And that’s just what we’ve done. eero is simpler, performs better, and is more intelligent than any WiFi solution on earth. For the first time, WiFi is reliable enough to cover every room in the home and allows people to move on with their lives.

The operating system of the home.

Our vision for eero is to go beyond providing perfect connectivity. Imagine if everything from home automation to health monitoring could tap into the connectivity, context, and intelligence provided by an eero system. It would be similar to how an app on your iPhone relies on the phone’s hardware and iOS for processing power, communication, preferences, and much more.

With eero as the operating system for your home, end devices wouldn’t need as much expensive computational power and storage, which would bring down the price of a fully connected home and make it more capable. Not everything has to be smart, as long as it’s connected to something that is.

The home of the future.

This is how we begin to achieve not just the push-button home of The Jetsons, but something even better: a home that understands the people living in it and what’s going on around it — and can intuitively and automatically help people lead better lives.

It all starts with great connectivity, and it’s much closer than you think.

WiFi is just the beginning.